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At Good Stewardship Consulting, we teach people in organizations the skills needed to be good stewards of their time, team and resources. Review the modules below and take the Assessment to see how we can work together.

The Modules:

Mastering Essential Communication Techniques

In this foundational module, participants will gain essential communication skills that will enhance their ability to connect, inspire, and influence others. By mastering the art of active listening, crafting compelling narratives, and understanding their relationship to power dynamics, participants will develop the tools needed to build stronger relationships and navigate complex situations with confidence and grace.

Listening without Judgment: Enhancing Active Listening Skills
Develop advanced active listening techniques that enable you to engage with and understand others fully. Mastering the art of listening without judgment will cultivate stronger personal and professional relationships built on trust, empathy, and mutual understanding.

Storytelling for Connection: Crafting Compelling Narratives
Explore the key elements that make a story captivating and memorable. Learn how to identify and incorporate these elements into your own narratives to forge deeper connections with your audience. By honing your storytelling skills, you will be able to inspire, motivate, and engage others more effectively.

Engaging Power: Navigating Personal, Communal, and Systemic Contexts
Examine your personal beliefs about power and how they shape your current engagement with others. Discover strategies to influence and motivate individuals and groups across various contexts effectively. By developing a deeper understanding of power dynamics, you will be better equipped to navigate complex situations and drive positive change.

Good Stewardship Consulting - Angelika Weaver working with a group teaching collaboration skills

A custom strategy.

Skill-Building Strategy:

While each module is designed to stand alone and provide valuable insights and skills, the program is structured to build upon itself, with each module laying the foundation for the next.

To maximize the impact and effectiveness of the training, it is highly recommended that participants engage in the modules sequentially, starting with Module 1 and progressing through Module 3.

This approach allows for a cumulative learning experience, where participants can develop essential communication skills, enhance self-awareness and leadership abilities, and ultimately apply their newfound knowledge to drive personal and professional growth.

However, we understand that every organization has unique needs and constraints. If your team requires a more targeted approach, we are happy to work with you to select the module(s) that best address your specific challenges and goals.

Whether you choose to engage in a single module or the full program, we will ensure that your team receives the highest quality training and support to achieve lasting results.

The Assessment

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Angelika Weaver

Trailblazing Advocate & Women’s Empowerment Coach

Angelika Weaver, a trailblazing advocate, and women’s empowerment coach, has dedicated her career to making a positive impact on communities.

She has spent an entire career in the legal system advocating for individuals in crisis. She understands what keep people stuck but more importantly knows how to empower individuals to address and strengthen their interpersonal skills to become a more effective and resilient member of a team.

The mission of Good Stewardship Consulting is to help each individual, company & organization be good stewards of their time, talent and resources.