You already know why you should build your team's communication skills.

It's time to build the skills that bridge silos.

At Good Stewardship Consulting, we teach people in organizations the skills needed to be good stewards of their time, team and resources.

Our mission is to help individuals to become ambassadors of respectful, thoughtful communication.

Below you'll find three of the workshops I'm frequently asked to facilitate with clients and their organizations. These can serve as a starting point - I'm happy to custom tailor a workshop to your organization's needs and goals.

Fostering Empathy Through Trauma Awareness.

This workshop provides an overview of trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and their impacts on communication, behavior, and relationships.

Team Connection and Effective Communication.

A workshop using ILS Communications Assessment results to develop team communication. Learn how to give and receive feedback and prepare for hard conversations.

The First 30 Days: Navigating a New Role or Organization.

The program covers first impressions, the importance of understanding workplace culture and best practices for navigating the early days of a new position.

Angelika Weaver

Trailblazing Advocate & Women’s Empowerment Coach

Angelika Weaver, a trailblazing advocate, and women’s empowerment coach, has dedicated her career to making a positive impact on communities.

She has spent an entire career in the legal system advocating for individuals in crisis. She understands what keep people stuck but more importantly knows how to empower individuals to address and strengthen their interpersonal skills to become a more effective and resilient member of a team.

The mission of Good Stewardship Consulting is to help each individual, company & organization be good stewards of their time, talent and resources.

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